“ProductiviTEA” means

  • a new mindset focused on resources and solutions
    organizational optimization and team energizing

  • curiosity, engagement, joy, motivation,

    responsibility, and fulfillment

  • emotional well-being 4 high performance

Energize organizations, motivate teams and facilitate the solution focused mindset based on resources.

Together we create learning and relaxing experiences, centered on WORK-LIFE BALANCE centered.

Did you know that in Romania?

Only 12% of men and 6.5% of women practice sports

46.4% of adults are overweighed

14% of adult population is obese

58% of population suffers of one or more chronic diseases

53% of adults consider themselves too busy to practice sports

Distress and burnout

Burnout = state of extreme and unspecific tension, a result of occupation and long term stress, with negative manifestation at mental, physical and behavioral levels (Greenberg, 1998).

Burnout consequences are: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, decrease of productivity & professional success– Burke şi Richardsen (1993)

Studies indicate a significant decrease of self-esteem, in case of persons who pass through the burnout syndrome.

How do we change the paradigm?

Occupational health education

Individual and group coaching sessions

Mindfulness practices 4 here and now

Relation techniques 2 increase performance

Vitality&Performance Workshop

ProductiviTEA Benefits

Understand the relation between psychological well-being and engagement

Mental clarity – less occupational stress

Positive psychology @work

Inner resources optimization

Health behavior related to stress and burnout

Our Vision

ProductiviTEA is a complex program centered on WORK-LIFE BALANCE based on an in-depth understanding of organizational environment and employees’ need of balance, energy, performance and results.

You live a hectic life, with an alert rhythm. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted, with no energy for relations and hobbies. It’s time to explore your life and learn how to live according with your inner GPS.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” = achieving that body-mind harmony that drives your success, productivity, well-being, with less distress and limiting beliefs.

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Enjoy the full experience and measure the results

Inspiration and motivation 4 your organization

Performance evaluation systems in organizations

Executive Coaching

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