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Oana-Miruna Stîngă

As a treasure seeker of 21st century, I feel passionate about body-mind relation, adore books, journeys, mindfulness in movement, the beauty of a sunny day in the park and people passionate about life. My journey related to human development includes thousands of hours of study, personal development and workshops and conferences.

2011-2012 – Practitioner Coach Diploma, Noble Manhattan (UK), accredited by ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and IICM (International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring).


Licence in Psychology, Faculty of Psychology,  Licence Final paper: “Mindfulness and emotional inteligence in organisations”.

100 ore practical training within National Anti-Drug Agency

Master training in Psychological Counselling within ARTS&CORS (Solution Focused Brief Therapies and Consulting)

272 hours of theory and practical abilities

150 hours of personal anlysis and self-development

Attended workshops and conferences:

International Conference of Psychotraumatology and RESILIO Symposia organised by ISTT (Institute for Trauma Study and Treatment) and University of Bucharest (Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences) (27-29 October, 2017)

Conference “The obsessive mind: How to understand and treat the obsessive-compulsive disorder”, organised by Scuola di Psicoterapia Cognitiva (SPC, Roma), Romanian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ARTCC, Bucuresti) and Romanian Academy Publishing House (20 November, 2017)

Lecture “Early Trauma &”Documentary IN UTERO, ISTT (28 September, 2017)

Lectire “Me and my identity” held by prof. dr. Franz Ruppert, ISTT (20 April, 2018)

Mindfulness Retreat, Holistic Breath Workshops, Pneuma Breath, Heart Breath, Yoga training and Vipassana meditation

Certified International bodyART Instructor Level 1 (Feb-Apr, 2018),  bodyART Kids (Aug-Sep, 2018) granted by bodyART School Germany


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Anamaria Aramă

I have spent 15 years in corporate and entrepreneurial environments in areas such as Telecom, Banking, Healthcare and Education, during which I have gained experience in managing customer relations, team and project management, recruitment and business strategy.

I dedicated myself to people and their way to knowledge and the attainment of goals, and that opened a new road for me, a road that later turned into a job done with passion. Six years ago I started on a new path, the entrepreneurial one and, today, I am Executive & Life Coach, trainer and consultant. Part of the professional courses and training that contributed to what I am in the present:

– Basic Lead Development Program – leadership & team management training 
– Certified Basic Coaching Skills – Mind Master &  Austrian Training Center for NLP
– Master Practitioner in Professional NLP Coaching & Mediation, Mind Master Creative (Buchurest) and Austrian Training Center for NLP & NLPt (Wien)
– Certified coaching specialist by ANC and Mind Master Creative  (Bucharest)
– Certified Trainer ANC
– Mindfulness training
– Workshops (Psychodrama, Parenting, personal development)

Balance in life is a cocktail of happiness, introspection, management of emotions and coaching for healthy habits – that ensure my PRESENCE in each and every moment of my life.

Cristina Eftimie

Cristina Eftimie

I have a 17 years experience in working with children in the educational and therapeutic field and 8 years in working with adults in various international projects, workshops, courses, therapy. Experience has shown me that artistic activities have a strong positive impact both on the well-being of children and adults. I propose art therapy with her various techniques both as a therapeutic activity and as a relaxing activity, but also as a way of exploring and learning new things. Some of the courses and professional training that contributed to my professional development are:

– Faculty of Psychology (2012-2015)
– Teacher 1 (2015)
– Courses: Counselor for personal development, awareness and personal development, combined arts worker, augmentative and alternative communication, singalong, pedagogy, special pedagogy, hand crafted cards (UK), trainer, Methodist, project manager.
– Workshops (Motivational Interviewing, Simple Therapy, Psychodrama, transactional analysis, educational sand therapy, water painting, filming, tanning, painting on glass, handmade jewelry, modeling balloons, twine, decorative candles)
– Courses and workshops that I have supported: working on wax paper, quelling, wire shaping, lucky trees, creative recycling, other artistic activities.
– Launching the book “Art-Therapy in Child Education and Recovery” (2017)
– Training in Psychological Counseling (ARTS & CORS – Romanian Short-Term Therapy Association and resource-oriented consultancy).
– Psychology articles and well-being on:

My work has focused on acquiring balance and well-being by making beautiful things using various artistic techniques.

Daniela Mîrza

Daniela Mîrza

Architect and taijiquan (tai chi) and qigong instructor

14 years ago, after several years of hatha yoga practice, in search of life deep meanings I discovered the beauty of meditation and Chinese martial arts.

Studies and practice with Cezar Culda within Romanian Qigong Foundation and with Fu Qingquan (tai chi Yang style)

Organize tai chi and qigong courses and workshops

Teach other types of movement and mindfulness: yin yoga and bodyART (bodyART Basic, Myofascials, bestAge, Energy, Contact, bodyART Kids).