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Oana-Miruna Stîngă

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, MBA

Motto: create meaningful life moments, here and now.

I accompany those adults, teens and organizations ready for changes, willing to allocate time and energy to learn how to consciously navigate in today’s world.

My professional background include: Solution Focus Brief Therapies, Scientific Treatment for Anxiety-Depression-Burnout, Systemic Family Therapy, Trauma: diagnosis and treatment, Relationship trauma as well as and Master in Cognitive Psychodiagnosis and Psychological Counselling (Clinical Psychology).

The integrated approach based on evaluation and psychodiagnosis, individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions and psycho-education ensures clarity, efficacy and depth for the therapeutic process.

11-year experience in Coaching – Psychotherapy – Clinical Psychology

20-year experience in management roles, in pharmaceutical and communication industries, as well as training and experience in Leadership and Executive Coaching

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Anamaria Aramă

I have spent 15 years in corporate and entrepreneurial environments in areas such as Telecom, Banking, Healthcare and Education, during which I have gained experience in managing customer relations, team and project management, recruitment and business strategy.

I dedicated myself to people and their way to knowledge and the attainment of goals, and that opened a new road for me, a road that later turned into a job done with passion. Six years ago I started on a new path, the entrepreneurial one and, today, I am Executive & Life Coach, trainer and consultant. Part of the professional courses and training that contributed to what I am in the present:

– Basic Lead Development Program – leadership & team management training 
– Certified Basic Coaching Skills – Mind Master &  Austrian Training Center for NLP
– Master Practitioner in Professional NLP Coaching & Mediation, Mind Master Creative (Buchurest) and Austrian Training Center for NLP & NLPt (Wien)
– Certified coaching specialist by ANC and Mind Master Creative  (Bucharest)
– Certified Trainer ANC
– Mindfulness training
– Workshops (Psychodrama, Parenting, personal development)

Balance in life is a cocktail of happiness, introspection, management of emotions and coaching for healthy habits – that ensure my PRESENCE in each and every moment of my life.

Cristina Eftimie

Cristina Eftimie

Motto: Discover your inner balance and harmony to guide your life in the best possible way for you!

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Professor

I work closely with adults, teens, children and families for personal optimization and improvement of relationship dynamics. Together we look for those resources and solutions, appropriate for each and every client.

My professional background include: Solution Focused Brief Therapies, Systemic Family Therapy, Master in Cognitive Evaluation and Psychological Counselling (Clinical Psychology). The art-therapy methods represent an add-on meant to discover fresh and creative ways to solve the conflicts and problems.

21-year experience as professor

7-year experience as psychologist

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