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Corporate career represented for each of us a life and professional phase, full of challenges, interesting projects and international exposure.

At the same time, the willingness to discover work-life balance, and follow our passions drove us towards journeys, workshops, professional education, enlarging our horizons and enriching our souls.

In fact, each of us was seeking her own answer to the simple question: How do think, feel and act the humans focused on performance, both at individual and group levels?

Not by chance, Life orchestrated our encounter at the workshop named „Rhythms and relations”. In that very moment, we started to create our common story about passions, meaningful life, yin-yang balance, the right pace between focus and relaxation.

Our endeavors in human development areas (Coaching, Psychology, Mindfulness), lifestyle (Nutrition and movement), Parenting and Creativity are strongly connected to the psychological well-being, practiced, researched and measured by us, each and every moment.

As real treasure seekers in well-being domain, we feel ready to support change management processes and reinvent organizations. Owning the experience, knowledge and right psychometric tools, we are anxious to listen your needs and propose the optimum solutions for your organization.

ProductiviTEA is the Corporate Wellbeing Program that integrates mind and body, harmonising the brain and „embodied mind”. Through movement centered on breath, mindfulness techniques and „mental fitness” tools you learn how to create focus and energy day by day, diminish the stress levels, and generate health and vitality in your life.

ProductiviTEA is the guide of those ready to achieve excellence and performance, at individual and organization levels, by learning how to access their inner resources via body-mind training, harmonization and integration.

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