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“Learn to smile. Look with constructive interest in things and friendship in people”
Tudor Vianu

  • Do you feel that business world is changing and what worked yesterday, does it no longer work?
  • Do you want to achieve business performance and create a business centered on change, creativity and innovation?
  • Do you want your team to be motivated at maximum level, each and every day?

We want to accompany your team in that alchemical process of self-knowledge, aiming to achieve managers’ motivation, psychological well-being and balance.

Beyond, all laws and theories, inflamed speeches and videos of all kinds, true motivation means: Self-knowledge, Education, Opening to the new.

A high level of stability and emotional harmony means a stress management + a living in the work-life balance paradigm.

What are we going to do?

Understand your own rhythm / internal GPS through the Mindfulness practices;
Build a “real friendship” with all the emotions, both positive and negative;
Learn to use vital energy at “Full on” level; 
Discover the secrets of assertive communication (I am OK, you are OK); 
“Go live” with work-life balance paradigm, in business and personal life


Through direct experiences (practice of attention and presence), narrative techniques, introspection, Techniques from Transactional Analysis, Solution Focused Brief Therapies, NLP.

Benefits at organizational level

Increasing individual and team performance.

Significantly reducing the level of distress and increasing well being

Experiencing a high level of individual awareness and creating conscious, creative and responsible teams


With or without a microphone, we like to talk to people about the themes we love, and feel passionate about, for several years

We have 2 well-modulated voices, 2 brains full of knowledge and experience, and a  body language that conveys confidence and relaxation. Call us at your events, and we’ll positively surprise you by talking about:

> Mindful Leader
> Yin and Yang in business
> Work-Life Balance
> Personal energy management
> Conscious parenting
> Personal values

ProductiviTEA Performance

Performance management systems

We like to sit at the rosary garden table of our favorite tea house, drinking aromatic tea and creating clear, simple and practical systems of performance assessment in organizations. We know 100% that if really motivated, the people in your organization will create valuable projects … and that value deserves full reward.

Authentic performance requires a clear, measurable framework of SMART goals and open-minded feed-forward, forward-looking discussions. If performance can be understood with feedback, to really blossom it needs a lot of feed-forward that can only lead you to “better, more creative, different, unique, authentic”.

We`ll be identifying, planning and implementing processes that maintain employee motivation and increase performance. The directions we support are:

Performance Management:

Establishing a unitary competency assessment system
Support in evaluating existing staff or recruiting
Evaluating and defining job descriptions
Defining the skills required for the jobs
Defining company, departmental and individual objectives;
Defining Performance Management Systems;
Increasing employee satisfaction.

Organizational culture:

Vision form, mission, values;
Support in maintaining an organizational culture.

Strategic management:

Identification and optimization of business processes;
Strategic marketing consulting;
Change management.


We know what you need to get results with your team, as we are familiar with
the challenges and daily pressure in the organizational environment.

We facilitate the solution focused approach, based on resources, that will lead you to concrete, measurable and positive results in the long run. Together, we choose the themes of discussion and the areas of interest, so that your well being and mental fitness level grow, from one session to another. 

In the individual coaching sessions, we will “customize” the learning shared within the group experience – Full Experience, according to your goals.Individual coaching sessions are a valuable opportunity to deepen the process of self-knowledge and practical learning, with a major impact on work-life balance.

The Purpose of Coaching Sessions ProductiviTEA:

> Identification of the resources available or needed, to achieve the set objectives
> Knowing and understanding yourself and your team
> Identification of barriers to organizational change
> Develop trust-based relationship skills

> Developing the skills to give and receive feedback and feed-forward
> Conflict resolution in the organization
> Identifying and managing personal/team stress
> Focus on results and methods of motivating the team